Why You Should Hire a Wedding Photographer with a Landscape Background

December 27, 2022

Before becoming a wedding and elopement photographer, I spent the first four years of my career traveling around the world photographing the world's most breathtaking landscapes. This includes countries such as Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the Serengeti, and the Caribbean. I've also traveled throughout the U.S. to places like Wyoming, Montana, California, Oregon, the Dakotas, Florida, and Hawaii. Traveling to these places has helped me develop my skills to compose the landscapes into an incredible photograph that will leave you speechless.

Throughout the years, I've trained myself how to understand light and compose a photo so it only includes the necessary details. If you're an adventurer and are looking for photos that will have you WOWED, I'm your guy.

Here are the top 5 reasons that hiring a wedding photographer with a landscape photography background will highly benefit your experience.

1. Engagement Photos

Engagement sessions are the perfect time to utilize my skills as a landscape photographer. These sessions are more laid back than your wedding day and allow us time to setup the ideal shots and travel to incredible locations that will leave you speechless. I've traveled to all of the state parks in Minnesota and multiple national parks within the U.S. This experience has taught me how to create incredible landscape images that can include my couples in them. Of course, on top of these dramatic landscape photos, I'll be sure to capture some gorgeous portrait style photos of the both of you. Here's just a couple examples of some engagement photos that I can offer you with my landscape knowledge:

Oberg Mountain Sunrise in Minnesota.
Oberg Mountain Sunrise in Minnesota.

2. Adventure Elopement

Adventure elopements are perfect for those couples that don't want to follow the traditional route and do something exciting. Strap on your backpack and lets hike into the mountains for the photoshoot of a lifetime. I've spent years traveling and hiking around capturing some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. I can bring this knowledge of photographing landscapes and light to your adventure elopement. I will capture the most incredible photos of your wedding day. We could go to a location I am familiar with, or adventure somewhere I haven't been to yet. I'm very good at planning and location scouting to optimize the best place and time to capture those special moments. Here are some of my favorite landscape photos that could easily be incredible places for us to utilize in your adventure elopement:

Palisade Head in Minnesota
Vestrahorn at Sunrise in Iceland
Grand Teton National Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

3. Attention to Detail

When photographing landscapes, I have to be extremely particular with my compositions. Making quick decisions on what to include and even more importantly, what not to include, can make a drastic difference on the final outcome of a photo. Observing the landscape and knowing how to compose the elements into the frame to make a photo look aesthetically pleasing is another skill that shines from doing landscape photography. Even in the post processing part of photography, I've learned how to extensively use photoshop to enhance photos by cleaning up details to bring the viewers eyes to the subject. Landscape photography is all about attention to detail and this will transfer over into photographing your engagement and wedding day.

A foggy rainy day in Iceland allowed me to isolate this iconic church from the background.
This beach in South Africa was covered with footprints and people. However, a little photoshop work really cleans the photo up.

4. Location Scouting/Knowledge

For your engagement session or adventure elopement, you can utilize my knowledge of the locations I have already photographed. If I have never been to a location you desire, don't worry. I've spent years learning how to plan and scout locations using various apps and research so that when I arrive, I know whether the location will be best suited for sunrise or sunset. I'll also understand where the best trails and/or places in the area will be for maximizing your experience with me. All the photos below are from places I had never been to before but did plenty of research before arriving to best utilize my time.

Sunrise in Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. I photographed this place at sunrise after arriving in the dark. Many days of research allowed for this photograph to happen.
Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park in South Dakota.
Sparks Lake in Oregon.

5. Understanding Light and Weather

Photographing landscapes relies heavily on light. You can have the best composition and subject in the world but without light or atmosphere, the photograph will be average. Knowing how to use that light when it does happen also comes into play. Whether it's best to have the light backlit, side lit, or front lit all can make a big difference in a photo. With my years of experience, I can use this knowledge of light to make your engagement or wedding photos have that same jaw dropping factor as my landscape photographs. Here's a few different photos that without understanding light and weather, I could've missed out on a photo of a lifetime.

Napali Coast in Hawaii. I did a helicopter flight over the coast and had the chance to back out because of rain. I chose to go ahead with the flight because I knew this gave me a chance for rainbows and dramatic weather.
Oberg Mountain in Minnesota. Fog completely covered the landscape at sunrise but I chose to stay knowing that once the sun rose, the fog would begin to lift.
Hidden Waterfall in Iceland. This was mid-morning when the light is usually harsh, but the clouds softened the light and once in a while some light would break through to light the mountain peaks.

In conclusion, my landscape photography skills are best utilized if you're an adventurous couple that gets excited by nature. I can use my years of experience to go to epic locations and capture those jaw dropping photos that will leave you, your friends, and your family speechless. My years of location scouting will come in handy even if I have never been to your desired location. I can do all the research ahead of arrival to coordinate a plan that will optimize our experience together. So if you have read this and you want those incredibly unique photos as your own, please inquire and let's start planning your dream photoshoot and adventure elopement.

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