Mitch & Allie Wedding - Family Farm - Milaca, Minnesota

September 24, 2022

Mitch and Allie decided to get married by the river on his family farm in Milaca, Minnesota. Due to rainfall in the fall the wedding almost got moved to a church but luckily it held off for the most part the day of. The rain came down for 30 minutes right before we headed down to the river for the ceremony and then stopped just before the ceremony. Thankfully the ceremony was held back there because it's some of the most gorgeous riverfront property in the area. Stress levels were high throughout the day due to the rain but luckily everything worked out and they were able to have their dream wedding. Their wedding was the first wedding I did photo and video coverage at. It was such a fun new challenge for me to expand my skills. I was also the best man in the wedding which added another tricky element. For the ceremony I gave my girlfriend a five minute crash course on how to film parts of it from where she was sitting. This is why the ceremony footage in the video looks different from the rest. I figured it was best to actually stand by my brother for the ceremony rather than running around and filming so I made due with my resources. Thankfully everything came together and it was a complete success.

One of my favorites from their wedding day
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